Why an Attorney Should Hire a Nurse Life Care Planner to Win Their Case

Medical and Life Care Consulting

Attorneys (both plaintiff or defense) are committed to providing their clients with the best representation possible, and a key part of their strategy includes valuable insight and support to prove the extent of injury and the individuals future care needs. for these cases, a nurse life care planner makes the case stronger, by clearly explaining or reviewing the individuals need for ongoing care, and providing clarity on how injuries can impact the client’s life long-term through a comprehensive life care plan. When working with a nurse life care planner, the legal team gains valuable insight into the complexity of personal injury, medical malpractice cases, and in cases with individuals who’ve experienced catastrophic injuries. Ultimately, a nurse life care planner ensures that an attorney and their clients are on the same page about the medical aspects of the case so that the settlement aligns with the injured person’s evidence-based needs.

If you’re an attorney or paralegal considering bringing on a nurse life care planner, nurse consultant, or a rehabilitation expert, consider the following benefits their expertise and a comprehensive life care plan provides. This level of expertise ensures that no stone is left unturned when evaluating a client’s medical claims, highlighting considerations about future care so that individuals receive the best outcome possible.


Applying Professional and Educational Experience

A nurse life care planner provides a practical understanding of the individual’s injury, initial recovery and long-term rehabilitation by applying years of nursing experience and education. Not only do they understand how to properly assess and care for a patient, but they are also able to evaluate medical history by completing a comprehensive medical chart review and chronology, and by incorporating the nursing process to determine each diagnosis and how it will influence the individuals needs going forward. Through their experience and expertise, an injured party’s full medical picture is taken into consideration so the proper care and resources are forecast to assist in the recovery of their injury or illness.

Standardized methodology

The accuracy a nurse life care planner brings to the table is built upon the standardized practice of nurse life care planning. Through assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation and coordination of care, the nurse life care planner uncovers the extent of the injury and offers clarity through an evidence-based forecast of the resources required to address ongoing treatment and care.

Additionally, a nurse life care planner can help decipher complicated medical jargon so that there is a clear understanding of how to move forward with the case. It’s important to have someone who understands medical terminology and diagnostic results to review the findings and ensure that relevant details are not overlooked. It is often these very details that can determine the outcome of a case.

If a deposition or court testimony is warranted, a nurse life care planner can also serve as an expert witness.

A nurse life care planner and expert can:

  • · Explain the most meaningful parts of medical diagnostics and how they relate to a personal injury case.
  • · Provide a bird’s eye view of what medical outcomes may mean for future treatment needs.
  • · Identify any strengths or weaknesses in your case that may not be apparent without their medical knowledge.

This level of attention to detail is achieved through a standardized approach that only experts with this background can provide. Without a nurse life care planner consulting on your case, you may miss critical details that impact the outcome.

Create a Robust Life Care Plan

If you suspect, or it’s been presented that an individual needs ongoing medical care, or an individual with catastrophic injuries, a nurse life care planner should absolutely review the case. Some injuries require ongoing care that is complicated by multiple diagnoses and comorbidities. This type of plan, referred to as a life care plan, considers and clearly documents, evidenced-based long-term support, medical equipment, and the medications and treatments an individual may need for the rest of their lives.

Within a life care plan, the nurse life care planner clearly defines the scope of the patient’s injury by collaborating with treating providers and healthcare professionals to formulate a clear picture of the type of ongoing care that will be necessary to maintain quality of life.

This plan then forecasts the types of care and resources needed including future treatments, physician care, diagnostics and lab work, medications, as well as equipment and supplies, home care needs, architectural modifications, orthotics and prosthetics, surgeries and treatments was well as hospitalizations to name a few and, specifically, outlines the costs for these goods and services.

If the injured party experienced catastrophic injuries that will require ongoing care and services, then a nurse consultant can provide valuable insight into what that treatment looks like and what the overall cost will be so that they can receive the necessary treatment to stay healthy throughout their lifetime.

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