Empowering Through Education

On-demand webinars at your fingertips

We believe education supports advocacy-based claims management and empowers our partners and clients with information that makes a positive difference for those we serve. 

Whether you're interested in our INJURY INSIGHT series, or our Medico-legal webinars, we invite you to explore our growing collection of on-demand webinars by industry experts and specialists.

INJURY INSIGHT Webinar Series​

INJURY INSIGHT is a 4-part webinar series designed to educate and inform adjusters, employers, and industry stakeholders on the rehabilitation and recovery process of injuries, illnesses, diagnoses, and treatments both common and uncommon, within workers’ compensation.

Medico-Legal Webinars​

Medico-legal webinars are a great resource for plaintiff and defense teams looking to better understand injuries and illnesses and how they may impact a case. Topics range from pediatrics and pain to costing and Medicare Set-Aside Allocations and everything in between.