About Case Management Services

Medical and Life Care Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of nurse case management services to support individuals on their road to recovery.  We provide both field and telephonic case management services for workers’ compensation, disability, and private care industries.

Our nurse case managers serve the Northeast Region including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Our nursing professionals are certified nurse case managers or rehabilitation specialists and have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage both routine and catastrophic injuries and illnesses.

Each year we manage thousands of cases and lead the market with innovative technologies and case management practices designed to support injured workers and our clients. We provide workers’ compensation case management through varying channels including:

  1. Non-Catastrophic & Catastrophic Case Management: Field-based case management services.
  2. Telephonic Case Management: Case management services through telecommunication and telehealth channels.
  3. MLCC Care Pathways: A proprietary program, developed with physicians and designed to improve recovery outcomes through patient education.

At Medical and Life Care Consulting, our nurse case managers provide adjusters and claims managers with objective, evidence-based, and medically sound advice on each workers compensation triage claim.

The Medical and Life Care Consulting major medical case management team works directly with patients and families to manage the challenges of catastrophic illness or injury. Our nurse case managers evaluate the patient, detail treatment options for the patient and/or caregiver and serve as education providers for the patient and family.

Our major medical case management team is available to cover emergency cases 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Research has shown that patients who stay active recover from their injuries quicker and with fewer complications. With the stay-in-work and modified duty programs, our case managers work with employers to develop stay-in-work programs allowing for job modifications or light-duty job specifications.

Short term disability is a focused evaluation of the patient, their treatment plan, communicating with health care providers of their treatment and getting the patient to full functioning and back to work as efficiently as possible.

Our long-term disability case management services are designed to assist our clients in conducting periodic chart reviews for employees on long-term disability, and who are restricted from completing their normal job duties and functions.

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