About Employer Services

At Medical and Life Care Consulting, our certified rehabilitation professionals lend their health care and rehabilitation expertise to employers in the Northeast Region including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine,  in need of workplace safety, health, and wellness programs.

The benefits of an employee wellness program are recognized in lower health care costs, workforce retention, and happy and healthy employees. At MLCC our professionals work with employers to understand the needs of their workforce and develop wellness programs that increase productivity, improve health behaviors, reduce the risk of disease, reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, and more.

At MLCC our ergonomic evaluations are aimed at reviewing employee job duties and the surrounding environments to reduce the risk of injury within the workplace. Our nursing, rehabilitation, and occupational health professionals conduct on-site analysis to understand and evaluate the varying factors impacting an employee’s body including repetition, force, body mechanics, and more.

When an employee is injured on or off the job, getting that employee back to work is a benefit both the employer and employee can share. Stay-in-work,  Light Duty programs, and job modification protocols help facilitate the process and empower the employee to return to work while recovering from their injury or illness.

Our rehabilitation professionals work with employers to develop stay-in-work and light-duty programs that support a productive workforce, reduce cost in pay as others fill-in, and reduce the impact of workers’ compensation claims, or short-term or long-term disability cost.

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