About Medico-legal Services

At Medical and Life Care Consulting our certified rehabilitation nursing professionals and life care planning experts can bring over 75 years of combined experience to your medico-legal case.

We understand the complexities of rehabilitation and approach each case with a laser focused attention on the needs of your client.

We provide Life Care Planning, Medical Chart Review and Chronologies, Legal Nurse Consulting, Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, Medical or Life Plan Cost Projections, Focused Estimates of Care, and Case Management.

The dynamic life care plans we develop serve as “road maps” or individualized plans of care for clients to follow throughout their lifetimes. They also help ensure the necessary funds are available for proper care.

Our life care plans are comprehensive and include a summary of medical records to date (Medical Chronology), a synopsis of the patient’s present status regarding all symptoms and an outline of treatments and services needed.

Not sure your case needs a Life Care  Plan, or simply have a few questions regarding the life care planning process, or how to get started, all case consultations are FREE.

Caregivers and insurance companies often request cost projections to identify what is needed to care for the patient now and set reserves in place to care for the patient in the future.

At Medical and Life Care Consulting, we provide two options for projecting cost, a Life Care Plan Projection or a Medical Cost Projection.  When completing cost projections, our professionals accurately identify the costs of goods and services needed for the future medical care of your client and base projections on treatments to date by a review of medical records, billing history, and medication usage history.

Our nurses are experienced in the care of patients and thoroughly understand the standard pathways of care used to treat specific problems. They can assist with your medical chart review needs, whether for a review of treatment to date or to evaluate care given to a patient over a specific period.

We can review medical records for medical necessity or authorizations and make recommendations for things like length of stay, medications/treatments, procedures, physical therapy and other medical care and treatment.

File review services are used by insurance companies and attorney groups when they need to:

  • Confirm standards of practice are met and well-documented
  • Measure quality of care
  • Develop quality of care improvement initiatives
  • Detail all medical records for case review

At times you simply need identification of the average cost of care for a single item or procedure. Our Focused Estimates of Care provide just that, an evidence-based evaluation provided by experts you can trust.


A Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSA) is a financial agreement that allocates a portion of a settlement for future expenses that would otherwise be paid for by Medicare related to injury, illness or disease.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) suggests an MSA proposal for all settlements and that every case is individual.

CMS can obtain double recovery profits against insurance carriers, their legal counsel and their advisors—any council involved in a settlement—because of workers’ compensation, liability or no-fault settlements when the financial interests of CMS are not protected with an MSA.

We offer best practices with a clinical approach for formulating Medicare Set-Aside Allocation to remain compliant with Medicare. We provide MSAs for workers’ compensation, liability and no-fault settlements. MSAs can be formulated in conjunction with your life care plan for settlement or individually.

MLCC will improve your MSA claims and settlement outcomes.

A Special Needs Forecast and Care Management plan is designed for families and fiduciaries requiring long-term care plans and care management for individuals with special needs. Our professionals leverage their medico-legal and case management expertise to provide tailored solutions for each individual and family we serve.

This service broadens the scope of traditional life care planning by expanding the life care plan to include IEP support, vocational planning, 3rd Party Payor Benefit Analysis, and much more.

Families and fiduciaries also have the option of incorporating varying levels of care management including:

  • Task-based Care Management
  • Limited Care Management
  • Total Care  Management

When working with Medical and Life Care Consulting, our legal nurse consultants become an integral part of your legal team. They serve as the medical expert in your legal case by assisting attorneys and other legal professionals in interpreting records and charts, understanding medical terminology and providing ongoing consultation on healthcare-related topics.

Legal nurse consulting involves critical analysis of healthcare records and medical literature, as well as relevant legal documents and other information pertinent to the evaluation and resolution of medical-legal cases or claims.

Through the application of knowledge acquired during their professional nursing education, training, and clinical experience, our legal nurse consultants have the expertise to evaluate the standard of care, causation, damages and other medically related issues in medical-legal cases or claims.

As a result, we develop case-specific work products and opinions for use by legal professionals or agencies handling medical-legal cases or claims.

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