The Top Three Workers’ Compensation Injuries & Illnesses: An Employee-Centric Approach to Recovery

Original Release Date: May 3, 2021

In this webinar, guest practitioners reviewed the top three injuries and illnesses (sprains, strains, and tears) concerning lower back injuries, neck injuries, and soft tissue injuries.


Participating claims professionals, employers, and stakeholders learned more about generally prescribed treatment and recovery processes, how to identify and overcome potential obstacles to implementing the treatment plan, and had the unique opportunity to engage and ask practicing specialists questions about injuries and the recovery process.

Watch the webinar to learn:

00:00 Introduction

1:51 Welcome to the Injury Insight Series

2:50 About this Session

3:10 Presenting Session Speakers

4:57 Cervical ( Neck ) Injuries – Dr. Scott Cooper. M.D.

5:34 What is a Physiatrist

8:20 Types of Neck Injuries, Sources, and Treatments

15:42 Types of Neck Pain, Sources, and Treatments

18:08 Spinal Cord Stimulation and DRG Stimulation for Very Specific Scenerios

19:30 Back Injuries – Dr. Erin Watson, D. O.

21:00 Goals of Initial Consultation

22:18 Types of Back Injuries, Causes, and Treatments

29:00 Soft Tissue Injuries – Dr. Derek Davidson, D.O.

29:51 Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

32:04 Causes, Signs and Symptoms

32:32 Diagnosis

35:16 Treatment: Initial

38:28 Treatment: Physical/Occupational Therapy

40:58 Treatment: Steroid Injections

42:07 Treatment: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

44:28 Key Factors in Recovery and Return to Work

46:06 Injury Prevention

47:07 Q&A Section

59:06 Conclusion