Complex Spinal Injury Rehabilitation & Recovery:
Interdisciplinary Strategies to Maximize Function and Return to Work

Original Release Date: September 7, 2022 | 1:00 pm ET

Dr. Jerrold Kaplan presents ”Complex Spinal Injury Rehabilitation & Recovery: Interdisciplinary Strategies to Maximize Function and Return to Work” in Medical & Life Care Consulting’s 2022 INJURY INSIGHT Series. 


In this webinar learn about different levels of post-acute care for spinal cord injuries as well as advanced outpatient programs that facilitate return to work, including work conditioning and work hardening.


Epidemiology and pathophysiology of spinal cord injuries will be covered including neurological levels of injuries. This webinar covers complications and comorbidities that can impact recovery as well as adaptive technology used for spinal cord injuries.

Watch the webinar to learn:

00:00 Inroduction

1:50 Welcome to the INJURY INSIGHT Series

2:22 About this Session

3:13 About Session Speaker

4:39 Spinal Cord Injury

5:10 Who Does this Happen to?

5:35 What Level?

6:26 Anatomy

7:46 Levels of SCI

8:30 Classification: ASIA

9:35 ASIA

13:33 Recovery

16:11 ASIA SCI Syndromes

18:18 Early Treatment of Traumatic SCI

21:24 Early Treatment

23:09 Continum of Care: Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation

27:09 Rehabilitation

28:07 Prevent or Treat Complications

28:29 Respiratory Complications

29:49 Respiratory: Impact of Spinal Levels

30:58 Skin Complications/Pressure Sores

32:14 Skin: Treatment

32:52 Skin: Treatment Products

33:16 Complications: Spasticity

34:23 Anti-Spasticity Treatment

35:33 Spasticity Treatment: Intrathecal Baclofen

36:55 Complications: Pain

39:06 Complications: Bowel & Bladder

41:13 Treatment: Bowel & Bladder

41:35 Complications: Sexuality & Intimacy

42:09 Addressing SCI Sexuality & Intimacy

42:43 Complications: DVT

43:20 Treatment: DVT

43:40 Complications: Heterotopic Ossification

44:08 Treatment: Heterotopic Ossification

45:58 Cutting Edge Rehab Technology

46:28 Functional Electrical Stimulation

46:51 Bionic Exoskeleton Technology

47:13 Exoskeleton Technology

47:28 ZeroG Galt & Balance System

48:07 AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill


49:04 Bioness Integrated Therapy System ( BITS )

49:17 BITS Balance

49:26 ParaGolfer Cart

49:37 Aquatic Therapy

49:51 Therapeutic Recreation & Adaptive Sports

50:11 Work Conditioning Program

51:21 Work Hardening Program

53:20 We need to provide a more consistent message to SCI Patients

53:30 References

55:25 Q&A Section

1:02:02 Conclusion

Presenter: Dr. Jerrold Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan has been practicing for over 25 years as a Board-Certified Physician in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He previously served as Vice President and Medical Director at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford CT and is now back at Gaylord as Medical Director of Outpatient and Workers’ Compensation. Dr. Kaplan specializes in treating complex neurological and musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. He oversees Gaylord’s Covid Recovery and Concussion programs in addition to his role in treating a variety of work injuries. He is a former resident and chief resident in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Columbia Presbyterian in NY. Dr. Kaplan also serves on the CT Workers’ Compensation Medical Advisory Board.