Quality of Life Plans for Children with Disabilities

Date: Aug 9, 2023| 1:00 pm ET

Medical and Life Care Consulting hosted a complimentary webinar aimed at helping medico-legal professionals gain a better understanding of invasive pain management interventions and their impact on personal injury cases.

“Invasive analgesic therapies provided an alternative to the medical management of chronic pain. With the growing incidence of chronic pain not only in the United States but worldwide, more therapies had evolved to address the increasing demand for pain relief options. These therapies included spinal injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, neurostimulation, and intrathecal drug delivery.” – Medical Clinics of North America

About the Speakers:

Cynthia Bourbeau, RN, CRRN, CCM, CNLCP®

Cynthia Bourbeau is a Massachusetts Registered Nurse and certified as a Rehabilitation Nurse, Case Manager, Nurse Life Care Planner, and ...

Cindy Fleury, RN, CCM, CNLCP®

Cindy Fleury has over 30 years of case management experience within workers’ compensation and has supported hundreds of medico-legal cases...

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Webinar Quality of Life Plans for Children with Disabilities
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