Cindy Fleury

RN, CCM, CNLCP® Certified Nurse Life Care Planner

Cindy Fleury Director of Education & Development

Cindy Fleury, Director of Education & Professional Development, has over 30 years of case management experience within workers’ compensation and has supported hundreds of medico-legal cases with injuries and illnesses ranging from a failed back injury, burns, severe TBI and spinal cord injuries. Cindy is a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Case Manager, and a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner. 

Cindy applies her extensive experience to creating and implementing training and professional development programs for the MLCC nursing team. Cindy also serves as a nurse consultant and expert witness for medico-legal cases. 

Prior to joining the MLCC team over 10 years ago, Cindy worked for Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians as a workers’ compensation specialist and manager ensuring efficient implementation of individuals’ treatment plans, coordination of care through multidisciplinary communications, and safe and timely return to work. 

Cindy Fleury is a valuable member of MLCC’s leadership team. Her contributions have been instrumental in shaping MLCC’s mission and vision, and she continues to play a key role in the organization’s growth and success. We are honored to have Cindy as part of our team, and we are confident that her insights and guidance will be invaluable to anyone seeking to plan for their long-term care needs.

Cindy Fleury, a highly experienced and respected professional in the field of life care planning, has dedicated her career to helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of planning for their long-term care needs.

Through a series of informative webinars, Cindy shares her expertise on a wide range of topics related to life care planning, including legal and financial considerations, healthcare options, and emotional and psychological support for both patients and caregivers. Her webinars are designed to provide practical guidance and insights that can help you make informed decisions and develop effective strategies for planning and managing your care.

Negotiating the fine line between injuries and comorbidities​

Attain a comprehensive understanding of the optimal strategies to effectively manage comorbidities during long-term recovery and rehabilitation planning, resulting in improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Diagnosis: Chronic Pain! Understand invasive pain management interventions and their impact on personal injury cases

Diagnosis: Chronic Pain! Understand invasive pain management interventions and their impact on personal injury cases

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Medicare Set-Aside Payer Act, familiarize yourself with the Medicare Set Aside process, and explore the different types of MSA administration available.


Uncovering the Unseen: Understanding, planning, and costing for brain injuries within medico-legal litigation​

This webinar delves into the intricacies of the brain and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), providing valuable insights and best practices for handling cases involving brain injuries.

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