Cindy Fleury

Director of Education & Professional Development

Cindy Fleury, Director of Education & Professional Development, has over 30 years of case management experience within workers’ compensation and has supported hundreds of medico-legal cases with injuries and illnesses ranging from a failed back injury, burns, severe TBI and spinal cord injuries. Cindy is a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Case Manager, and a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner. 

Cindy applies her extensive experience to creating and implementing training and professional development programs for the MLCC nursing team. Cindy also serves as a nurse consultant and expert witness for medico-legal cases. 


Prior to joining the MLCC team over 10 years ago, Cindy worked for Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians as a workers’ compensation specialist and manager ensuring efficient implementation of individuals’ treatment plans, coordination of care through multidisciplinary communications, and safe and timely return to work.